In Japan, before THE Start of the New Year, this fight was organized, where boxing fans had long waited excitedly a boxing fight. While the some experts declared this, a strange match. Because May Weather was the champion of the boxing, while Nasukawa was the champion of kickboxing and both games had different rules. That is why people considered retired may weather as a favorite for this competition.

41 years old May Weather was fighting with almost half of his age younger person. And additionally for this match already had been setup s strict rules. The Japanese star was warned, that he will do only boxing and If he tried to kick, he will have to pay a fine of 5 million $.

In the start of the fight, it was looking that May Weather was not taking this game serious and he was playing with light punches. But a minute later he adopted his traditional style and has rained of punches on his opponent. So as the result 20- year -old boxer felled down on the ground.

When he again tried to stand. May Weather again started rain of punches and he felled down again in the ring.

For this match, There was no referee in the ring and the winner had to be decided by knockout or technical knockout.

When trainer of Japanese kick boxer saw the misery of his player. He announced to stop the fight before a minute at the end of the first round and also announced the victory of May Weather.

After winning this fight May Weather said, this fight was full of fun. I am still retired and have no plan to return to the boxing ring and I fought my fight just to entertain The Japanese audience.

Both fighters amount of payment was not announced. But May weather tweeted that he had been paid 9 million$ for this fight.