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The year 2018 has produced so much in the world of sports. And about it, I realize that the year and most major sporting events yielded so many intrigues.

From winners, to record-breakers, to losers, to cheaters, to the determined, to the inspirational; we saw it all in the year 2018.

However, as the year gradually winds down, I would like us to take a look back to the 2018 rich-list in the world of sports.

Who and who were the big boys or girls who made the big bucks in the year 2018?

I would focus on the top 10 names of the highest earning sports athletes of the year, according to statistics from the legendary Forbes’ list.

Starting from the top earner, the 2018 rich-gang starts with;

1) Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This world famous pro boxer is an American superstar who has earned a staggering $285 million dollars this year alone. His Salary and winnings amounted to $275 million. His endorsement deals are valued at $10 million.

2) Lionel Messi

This football genius is a pro footballer and captain of the Argentine national football team, as well as club captain of Spanish football club, FC Barcelona. Messi, in the year under review, amassed a whooping $111 million in earnings.

His salary and winnings for the year 2018, amounts to $84 million. While his endorsements earnings tally at about $27 million.

3) Cristiano Ronaldo

The 2017 World Footballer of the year drops to 3rd position on the 2018 rich-list, despite earning considerably higher than he did when he topped the list last year. Cristiano Ronaldo is a world famous Portuguese footballer who currently plays for Italian football club, Juventus FC.

His salary earnings for 2018 is estimated to be $61 million; while endorsement deals brought him a further $47 million, for a total of $108 million.

4) Conor McGregor

One of the top MMA fighter of his generation, Conor McGregor, secures 4th position on the rich gang of 2018 sports athlete.

The Irish MMA fighter earned $85 million in salary and winnings this year and secured endorsement deals worth $14 million, for a 2018 total of $99 million.

5) Neymar

This Brazilian wonder-kid has had a very intriguing year in his football career. He moved from Spanish side, FC Barcelona to French Champions, Paris St Germain in a mouth watering deal that made him the most expensive player ever signed in world football.

His salary earning for 2018 came to $73 million; while his endorsements amounted to $17 million, for total annual earnings of $90 million.

6) LeBron James

The famous American Basketball superstar moved from his hometown basketball club of Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers this year, in a much publicized deal in the American NBA. His salary earnings amount to $33.5 million.

James’ lucrative endorsements are in the region of $52 million according to Forbes’ stats. His total 2018 earnings are estimated to be $85.5 million.

7) Roger Federer

This Swiss tennis legend is one of my favourite tennis players of all-time. At 37 years of age, Old Roger is still going strong and is still considered a force to be reckoned with on the courts. His 2018 earnings total $77.2 million.

His salary and winnings to came to a figure of $12.2 million; while his lucrative endorsement deals are valued at $65 million for 2018. He is the only tennis star in the 2018 top 10 rich gang list.

8) Stephen Curry

This 30-year old point-guard for the Golden State Warriors in the American NBA, is considered by many to be the greatest Basketball shooter in the history. No doubt, Steph Curry is a talented basketball player.

His 2018 salary and winnings are valued at $34.9 million dollars; while his endorsement deals are $42 million, for a total earning of $76.9 million dollars in 2018.

9) Matt Ryan

This quarter-back for the Atlanta Falcons is a famous professional American football player, who gained a lot of fame in the financial world this year, when he became the first quarter-back in NFL history to earn $30 million a year via his five-year deal worth $150 million.

The deal also made him the highest paid NFL player until Aaron Rodgers surpassed the record months later. Matt Ryan earnings this year it totalled at $67.3 million. His salary/winnings are pegged at $62.3 million and endorsements at $5 million.

10) Matthew Stafford

The second American NFL player on the list of 2018 rich gang would be 30-year old Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions. He was at a point, the highest paid NFL player in 2017.

His earnings for 2018 are totalled at $59.5 million. His salary and winnings is $57.5 million for the year, while his endorsement deals are valued at $2 million for the year under review.

What are your thoughts on the 2018 top-10 rich sports athletes?