Ngannou vs Joshua: In The Big Match Up these are the odds the stats and the predictions!

The highly anticipated boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou is set for a heated bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This clash between two heavyweight powerhouses has boxing fans buzzing with excitement. Here's what we know:

Current Odds:

Anthony Joshua: Favorite (-470)

Francis Ngannou: Underdog (+380)

Key Stats:

Feature Anthony Joshua Francis Ngannou

Record 27-3-0 17-3-0

Height 6'6" 6'4"

Reach 82" 83"

Knockout Ratio 63% 88%


Experts are divided. Many favor Joshua due to his experience and boxing pedigree, but Ngannou's raw power and knockout potential cannot be ignored.

The fight is expected to be a slugfest. Both fighters are known for their aggressive styles and heavy hitting.

The outcome could hinge on who can weather the early storm. If Joshua can avoid Ngannou's early power, he may be able to outbox him later in the fight.

Additional factors to consider:

Ngannou's transition to boxing: This is only his second professional boxing match, following a loss to Tyson Fury in October 2023.

Joshua's recent losses: He has suffered two losses in his last four fights, raising questions about his chin and confidence.

Mindset and preparation: Both fighters' mental state and training camp leading up to the fight will be crucial.

Remember: Boxing is unpredictable, and anything can happen in the ring. The best way to find out who will win is to watch the fight!

Enjoy the fight!