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Andy Ruiz agreed with Joshua Anthony on rematch comes December 7 in Saudi Arabia and the rematch comes with the aim of Joshua assurance of reclaiming his four lost belts which Ruiz claimed in June after his defeat.

It seems some people and champions are not interested in Joshua fight as one of the heavyweight champions claimed some days ago. Tyson Fury who is one the Ring magazine and lineal heavyweight champion claims that it is certain no one really interested in this rematch just because it was a shock to many when Joshua was stopped by a little fat guy called Andy Ruiz. The game was as important as life and death because it cost Joshua his four titles lost after Ruiz stopped his in the seventh round of the fight.

Joshua is carrying the anger of his defeat to face the destroyer in December and fury is of the opinion that no one is interested. Fury claims were based on how famous Joshua is and for him to lost the fight to Ruiz he has lost his respect. he mentioned that people are not really interested in a fighter that has been beaten rather love unbeaten fighter and they will always love to give their full support to such fighter.

He continued to say, Joshua was placed in people's heart like gold and marble, for him to get knocked down by Ruiz was a disappointment to many and it seems no one loves the fighter again. You need to see how huge Joshua is to Ruiz!

It is certain everyone loves a winner and the moment you lost it, if everyone did not turn their back against you, some will definitely do no matter how good you are. Fury made all his claims when he was announcing his rematch with Deontay Wilder that will happen next year, remember both ended their match in an epic draw last year December.

Do you think, Anthony Joshua has really lost his glory even as he set in for rematch? What is your thought about Fury claims? Let me hear you out, Friends......