Hello! Friends,

The mad is getting madder 😂. The world of boxing is full of rivalry and everyone one want to be champion, but you will agree with me that there can always be one man, one name, one champion.

Why all this statement above? It is certain that Anthony Joshua is planning for his rematch against Andy Ruiz while Deontay Wilder also has rematch with Tyson Fury, but Wilder revealed his displeasure in Joshua action revealing his private chat with him to Eddie and makes Wilder show Joshua that he has lost his respect from him. Wilder went further to make a shout out to Fury to step aside and forget his rematch with him for now which is scheduled for February 2020 just because he wanted only one man to stand with the title and fight Fury.

Wilder wants either fight Ruiz or Joshua to claim the title from any of the victor comes December 7. He mentioned, the fight between him and Fury should be a form of unification knowing that their last year fight ended in a draw and he want only one name, one man to stand with the title together with Fury on the ring. Wilder is scheduled to fight Luis Ortiz in November and this will determine his pursuit for either Joshua or Ruiz.

The courage that lock up inside of Wilder made him to say, the champion and the name has never left his hand and that's what motivated him to cancel the fight between him and Fury just to claim the title from whoever that win between Joshua or Ruiz thereafter he will face Fury.

The mad is getting madder and he did not want anyone to stand on his way. Let's keep our eyes open on Wilder, Ruiz, Joshua, and Fury.

Thanks for reading.