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It was great news for Edwards as the fight between him and Martinez was made No contest. Edwards is a WBC flyweight champion and Sunday night was a moment for Edwards to claim the belt from him. The fight started with determination from both ends.

In the third round, Edwards was stopped by Martinez after he took knee immediately Martinez released painful body shots on him. It looks like Martinez has defeated Edwards to claim his WBC flyweight, but there was a replay to check out what has happened which revealed that Martinez released a punch on Edwards when he's already on his knee to regain his strength.

The replay brought out the illegal punch from Martinez which rule out his victory over the WBC flyweight champion. Edwards looks at Martinez as a cheater and claims it was an illegal act in which Eddie Hearn also supported his claim. The fight was canceled to leave Edwards as the WBC lightweight champion, although he was not happy with the way he reclaims his title but it's cool the title still remains with him. Edwards admitted that Martinez is a great fighter as the body shot released on him, knock him down though it was an illegal punch. He appreciated that fact that the WBC together with Sulaiman Mauricio made the right decision to tag the fight as no contest.

The rematch will be some other day. Congrats to Edwards on his reclaim.