Let's weekend though every day looks like a weekend still we can't call every day the same day, so happy weekend.

Today I stumbled upon training and look more real about Mike Tyson comeback as many of my followers know boxing is one of my favorite in sport because of life reality attached to this and I have shared it sometimes.

Back to Tyson comeback, the 53-years old has started training with the plan of return to boxing to position himself for four-round exhibition fights for charity. Tyson last fight was in 2005 with Kevin McBride who beat him in the final fight of his professional career although he is known as undisputed world heavyweight champion and ready to get back in shape so as to make a surprise return to boxing.

I caught him on an Instagram video interview with a rapper T.I where he revealed his training engagement with cardio and weights sessions, also boxing pad work.

He mentioned that his body is really jacked up and sore from hitting the mitts, yet he claimed he has started working out and will try to get in the ring with the mind to box some exhibitions and get in shape.

Exercise is cool to regain the shape of your body, but I am a bit skeptical about Mike comeback. This is what he's doing daily

  1. Two Hours On Cardio
  2. One Hour Bike and the treadmill
  3. 300, 250 reps Light Weights

He also mentioned, his day always started with boxing thing in which he enters the gym with hit on it's for 30 minutes or 25 minutes to get in for better condition. Mike Tyson's plan is to get back in shape and prepare for three to four-round exhibitions purposely for charities and the money earned will be used to he;p some homeless and drug-affected individual like him as he declared.

I hope his body can still be able to withstand this competition.

What do you guys think about Mike Tyson come back to the ring?