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This day, everything is now competitive and everyone is trying to make sure that they offer a good product for their customers or users. In light of this, I catch some life lesson from one of the sport I love to watch and I feel to relate it to investment and life issues.

Boxing is one of the game I love to watch when I have time for TV shows. The recent fight I watched is not really encouraged following the fact that it results in death. The world of boxing has recorded two dead, just last week, which was due to injury caught during the match. Though this is not my major focus I feel like mentioning it.

In the world of boxing, two things are important which are skill and heart. When a boxer lack any of this, he's bound to fail. It is important to note that blood and bruises are not the main focus in boxing, but rather it follows the principle and technique of sportsmanship.

Let's consider some important point in boxing as it applies to our dealings in business and other ways of lives.

  • Mind Your Surrounding And Be Balanced

In physics, we have the simple pendulum just like a punching bag in the boxing training room and this using send a signal of balancing to a boxer. The punching bag left, right, but it must pass the center before heading to any of its sides and at the end, it will still come back to rest. A system that is not balance is not healthy and is not what to invest in. In reality, until you are centered in your beliefs to lead a balanced life will be very difficult. Every invest is centered on a system and it is your duty to locate and find this key important fact about such system before you invested, otherwise to become a failure or unsuccessful at the end of your running or fight. When you stay in the central and keep swiveling you will be immovable even when the storm comes. Take balance!

How Do You Stay At The Center, this leads me to second important note about boxing which is Reaction?

  • Mind Your Reaction

A boxer is known for offense and defense when it comes to the reaction. You need to study your opponent patterns and strategies. The study you are carrying out is for you to be able to protect yourself and then attack. When you see your opponent sends you a punch, it is a provision for you to give a strike that counters his own. If you are a boxer with no better reaction, then you will be defeated and fall in front of your opponent.

In reality, when there are downtime in business, failure in a project or we are faced with adversity or even you succeed in business or your engagement, it is your reaction that defines you. Our response to challenge gives birth to the increase in our chance of winning or success.

The last point I will take about is Preparation and Practice.

  • Mind Your Plan

As a boxing lover, I learned from many of the boxers on the fact that before you step your foot in the ring you must have to spend hours and learn some techniques about defense, footwork, and so many others. You will find time to continue repeating what you are doing before you step out to fight your opponent. In business, many want to start from the top and not ready to study the trend of a system and at the end, they grow with speed and fall like a stone. We need to pick a lesson from a newborn baby, there are always baby steps on several occasions before the walking. Making money is easy if we learn the step by step and plan our way up.

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