One of the sports that most fans have in the world is boxing, but of that large number of followers, many are those who do not know the details of this exciting sport and only limit themselves to live the emotions that this sport generates among its followers.

Fans who enjoy watching boxing matches in person or on television and who have never put on gloves and climbed into a ring, completely ignore the physical conditions that an active boxer must have.

The training

In a boxing fight it is necessary to move quickly and constantly so as not to be a fixed target, but for this you have to train hard to have the necessary resistance to stay during the whole fight in movement.

The legs play a more important role in this task, but combined with good breathing, therefore you have to work hard doing many sessions of ropes, squat or jump on a rubber.

You also have to walk and run a lot to maintain and tone the muscles of your legs and not suffer cramps during a fight that like in swimming in boxing is fatal.

The breathing

Breathing during combat is important because the boxer must administer the air that his lungs receive because the violence of the combat requires a lot of mobility and requires moderate breathing.

The arms need strength, power and speed at the same time, but you must also work the resistance that you must have when you keep your arms on guard and up; because they tend to get off without realizing the danger of keeping the arms down.

Care must be taken when throwing the blows because these make the guard unbalance and the effort of throwing a blow causes us much fatigue.

The stomach is an organ that we must protect during a fight, because if we are beaten there without proper protection, it is certain that we can not recover the air lost without receiving a high number of fists that will be in very bad conditions and we will lose the fight hopelessly

The exercises

The most recommended exercise to protect our stomachs are the well-known abominals that can create stomach protective muscles, which allow us to assimilate some punishment in that delicate area, which fortunately for the weak of that area, there are very few boxers that are concentrated in working on that area.

Also the heavy meals are very harmful, since at the time of the combat if they have not been well digested, they can cause dizziness and very dangerous vomiting.

The entertainment of a boxer is very delicate, because it is not only the physical part that needs strength and endurance, but also the mental or psychological part.

The boxer must be prepared to fight in public, as many only make rounds in private and when they go to the fights in public, suffer the so-called "psychological fatigue" and before fighting, they are tired and I say this from my own experience.

When I was an amateur boxer, I could do many rounds with different boxers and my physical conditions were optimal and I did not feel any fatigue that prevented me from showing my skills. But when I was going to fight in public, I was nervous and in the initial round I was already I felt tired.

Boxing is an art and its fencer movements are very elegant and wonderful, but it is also very rude and we only feel it when we climb into a public ring and we feel tired but we have to battle with the forces and conditions that we have.

Another detail of boxing is that we must learn to finish and do not go crazy when we put a good hand or as it is said in the boxing jargon we gave a "stick up".

The boxer has to calm down and see if his opponent really felt the blow and is in bad conditions, to attack him and not waste a blow and get tired for pleasure.

Boxing is a very demanding sport and those who practice it must have a special interest and love for this art so rough that it generates so much emotion.

And what do you think about this exciting sport? I would like to know your opinion about it