Recall that there is no generally accepted measure of impact force. But in the world of boxing, the knockout ability of a fighter is recognized as defining. On average, the impact force of an adult male varies between 200-1000 kg. The lower limit of impact is normal for an athlete in the 60-70 kg weight category. If we talk about the force of an impact of 1000 kg, then this, as a rule, is a certain limit inherent in a heavyweight.

The strongest punch of a boxer in the world is that of Mike Tyson. It was he who was recognized as the best puncher for the entire existence of boxing. During the period of his professional career, he won 50 out of 58 fights, 44 of which ended in knockout. It is believed that the force of Tyson's impact is about 800 kg. Tyson's most impressive blow is considered a right side kick. With an impeccable balance between speed, body position and punching force, he managed to defeat many of the strongest opponents. Mike Tyson's impact force ranges from 700-1800 kg.

George Foreman also claims the title of "most crushing punching force of a boxer". Note that 68 out of 81 fights ended in knockout. Another indicator of Foreman's strength is a duel with such famous heavyweight as Joe Fraser. He defeated the latter in two rounds, knocking him down 6 times.

The most powerful right hand in the history of boxing is considered to be Ernie Shavers. It is no coincidence that Shavers earned the 10th line in the ranking of the top 100 athletes, as well as the nickname "Black Destroyer". According to statistics, he has made 68 KOs in his entire boxing career.

Comparing Tyson and Shavers, one famous heavyweight commented that after Mike's impact it feels like a high-speed Ferrari hit you, and after Ernie it feels like a huge truck ran over you.

It is no coincidence that among the most memorable moments of boxing, knockouts always come to mind first. It's an impressive sight when a single 180-degree kick changes the course of the fight. And the one who seemed to be among the last, suddenly defeats the leader. Consequently, a hit on time is a criterion that helps to identify a true champion. This is what attracts fans, gives rise to a thirst for adrenaline and spectacles. The brightest fights become legendary, becoming a part of boxing history.