The vizcaíno Andoni Gago (22-3-3, 6 KO) has been proclaimed champion of Europe featherweight by defeating by points in split decision the coaspirante Madrilenian Jesus Sanchez (10-2, 3 KO), in a tight fight and little clear, but with intensity and a lot of rhythm. It was held at the Bilbao Arena in Bilbao. Gago showed his usual physical strength and pressure and that is what gave him the victory in several rounds. For his part, Jesus Sanchez fought in distance and had brilliant assaults of playing and dodging, although he lacked at the end of the fight to launch for a definitive victory. He let Gago take the direction of the fight and that caused two of the judges to settle at the end for the place. A fight that the judges saw unevenly, 115-113, 115-114, for Gago and 112-116 for Sánchez. A null combat, 114-114, would have been fair. Fight that leaves the doors open for a next rematch.