UFC analyst Dan Hardy has weighed the potential money to be made in a fight between Jake Paul and Conor Mc Gregor. This is coming after the Youtuber held a fight with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. In the bout, Woodley was knocked out with a devastating blow from Jake Paul.

The battle between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul

At first, spectators described the battle as a joke, insisting Jake Paul stood a great chance of getting fried by Tyron Woodley. However, the reverse proved to be the case. In a post-fight press conference, Jake Paul pointed out that his victory would serve as a disgrace to the UFC. Insisting many of the fighters of the sport are overhyped.

What next for Jake Paul

It seems high ranking officials in the UFC did not take the comments of Jake Paul lightly. Hence, they would be looking for every avenue to make sure the YouTuber is beaten and kept in his place. With that in mind, UFC analyst Dan Hardy has begun talking tough concerning a potential fight between Jake Paul and Conor Mc Gregor. According to him, it is one fight that could emit loads of cash.

Final thoughts

By whatever means, the goal is likely to get Jake Paul back to the ring to face another UFC champion. However, only time would reveal if the YouTuber would take such an offer.