THE five stunners who rocked Cardiff for Anthony Joshua's fight with Joseph Parker have lifted the lid on their ringside secrets.

The girls – Sara Beverly Jones, Maura Higgins, Laura Stanford, Sophie Danvers and Jennifer McSween – were confirmed for the bout at the Principality Stadium on Saturday.

Their inclusion in the heavyweight clash follows months of controversy following the decision to axe grid girls from F1 and walk-on babes from BDO Darts.

But boxing has hit back with full force and continues to encourage ring girls to dazzle in between rounds.

And ahead of the fight, the girls have revealed all on their predictions, best and worst moments and their take on the F1 and walk-on controversy.

Sara – who organises their participation through her company, SBJ Management – said her worst moments included holding up the wrong card and kicking a referee.

She told Daily Star Online: "As I was getting out the ring, the referee was stood near me, and I accidentally kicked him as I got out but my shoes fell off.

"So I had to hop out the ring with one shoe on, one heel, and hobble down the step, then go down under the ropes to get my shoe before the bell rang.

"They were just slip on shoes so as I kicked my leg up, because you have to get through the ropes and keep your leg over, I kicked the referee.

"I think that's my biggest blooper. He was fine, everyone was just laughing." -Sara

Commenting on the time she held up the wrong round number, she added: "It's a big, big no-no, the officials and referees were screaming, no, no wrong round.

"It was just a case of the cards getting misplaced, not being on the back of the pile but at the front.
"So when I've come back from the toilet, someone has handed me the wrong card.
Anthony Joshua ring girl Sara Beverley Jones

"The crowd we laughing, but the referee and the officials we like now. Because you're holding the card, you can't see what number it is, but you're relying on the person passing the card.

"So I literally just gave the card back, grabbed the right one and quickly ran round the ring. That was the first and last time I did that."

But she says her best moment was the time Carl Froch beat George Groves at Wembley Stadium in 2014.

Sara predicts Joshua, 28, will win by late stoppage, after she questioned if Parker, 26, has the chin to withstand his power.

Stanford – who has been a ring girl for over two years – predicted Joshua would come out on top.

She branded the ban on F1 and walk-on girls as "ridiculous", and thanked fans for their support.

Stanford told us: "Our agency has had a lot of support through, random fans, people on Twitter like David Caldwell, that have said that it's ridiculous because I do think it is ridiculous.

"Hopefully all being well, they're not going to do anything with the ring girls, it's been around for years and it's been a tradition in boxing, it wouldn't be the same without them.

"The support off everyone has been quite helpful. I must admit it was quite scary when that news came out, people losing jobs, but it's been really good."