Nazym Kyzaybai continues to destroy Angelina Lucas by posting a strange video with incomprehensible actions of Angelina's coach. Nazym began to put pressure on her rival, creating an unhealthy atmosphere among the national team's athletes. In response, Lucas complained to the president about Nazym's “unsportsmanlike” actions. Serik Sapiev conducted his own investigation. He decided that both boxers will play for the national team. But they will train separately, so as not to intersect at all, even in the corridors.

Nazim's response to Lucas's appeal to the president

Nazim posted a video where it is clearly visible that Angelina's coach is scattering an unknown white powder near the door to Kyzaybai's room. In the commentary to the video, it is indicated that after this incident Nazym herself and several other members of the Kazakhstan national team felt unwell.

The boxer pointed out that Angelina's coach first unscrewed the light bulb. Thus, he tried to make himself unrecognizable on cameras. After that, he went to the door of Kyzaybai. After these strange actions of the coach, Lucas had to go to the doctors. Yes, hospitalization was not needed! All athletes are in good health.

Nazym is trying to understand why it was necessary to scatter the unknown powder? What are the goals pursued by Angelina and her coach? Are they really trying to get rid of all competitors in such a strange and somewhat illegal way?

Thus, it turns out that there is no unity in the Kazakhstan national boxing team among women. Complete chaos reigns there, which can lead to unknown and, possibly, tragic consequences. Competition is getting unhealthy. The confrontation between boxers can no longer be called sports.