Mr.Pete, it has always been an honour participating in your contests especially freaky Fridays. It usually sets my mind apart deep into thoughts.

I wont forget you bamamama, you have been a shoulder to this contest, thank you for your support and other supporters.

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I was born this way, feeling like a commando. I always bullied kids, my peer groups and a bit older than I am. This made everyone feared me including my teacher. You can’t imagine that right.

Sometimes a group of kids would attack me for revenge of what I did to one of them, but I would beat them all up. That made everyone in my street afraid of me.

On a very cold Friday afternoon while rain was falling, I was sent to fetch the dripping rain from a nearby well. As I was walking down the alleyway I saw a group of guys harassing a girl, trying to take advantage of her. She couldn’t scream because she was over powered. I rushed towards them with the speed of wind only for me to hit my toe on a stone. The last thing I remembered was flying through the air into the guys and the girl and then thud; that was my head on the ground.

I lost every consciousness, including my identity when I woke up in a hospital bed.

Some persons who claimed to be my family surrounded me, a woman was crying beside me. She claimed to be my Mom but I hardly recognised her.

I asked them what happened and why I was here, I didn’t even know I was in a hospital.

I was intrigued by a figure, a beautiful girl; at least I could still remember what beauty, is walked in, held my hand and said; Josh, thank you for saving my life.

I was just imagining myself saving someone, how? I couldn't even save myself few minutes ago when the Nurse came to give me an injection. She explained to me how everything happened and how I saved her with my fall, including sending one of the guys whom I fell upon to coma. I was taken home the next day and everyone was happy but sad. They were happy I returned safely but sad I can’t recognise anyone.

From then henceforth all the kids whom I bullied began to rejoice and took revenge one by one.

But what made me less sad about the bully is that whenever they bully me I tend to regain my memory. But it’s weird I still don’t know my identity.

Thanks for reading.

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