As a former boxer, fighter and martial artist, I am no stranger to training regimens. At 17-years old, I trained in Kali Phillipino Fighting Arts and Boxing as a welterweight. One thing is for sure, boxing is a major workout and will get you into shape fast. The endurance and skill you learn in boxing is amazing and if you want to get into shape in 2019, I highly recommend it.

Below is a basic outline of what you will learn and how you will train as a new boxer. More will follow:

Jab, cross hook:

The basic offensive set is to face your opponent in a tiger or cat stance with your foot angled and toes pointing towards your opponent. Your training partner has two pads, one facing closer to your dominant "jab" hand. The jab is a quick punch, the cross is a tough stick and the hook is a haymaker to a surprised opponent.

Blocking workout:

Blocking is a huge skill that a boxer must know well, as you cannot take many punches before you lose composure and pass out. It is key that your weaker hand that throws the cross punch guards your chin and neck and that your chin is angled down to protect your neck. Your partner swings the punching bags at your head, chest and knees and you have to block.

Running, pushups, jump rope and heavy gloves:

Boxing is an endurance sport. Outlast your opponent and you can often win when they get tired and drop their guard. You need to be in the best shape of your life to fight.

Next: Details on the regimen. Happy Friday!

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