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The Most Upsetting Mistake in Sports | Roy Jones Jr. Robbed of Olympic Gold...
The Pensacola Phenom born as Roy Jones would go on to become one of the greastest fighters of all time. [Image Source] His start in the Olympics began in the early 80s, and as an amateur he was arguably the most entertaining young man there ever was. Jones had superior technique and speed to near everyone he faced on the way up to the pros, and every movement and punch had intention. The boxing IQ and Sugar Ray Leonard influence made Roy a blend of everything perfect in a boxer. [Youtube] The final bout for Gold at the 1988 Olympics put Roy against Si Hun Park, the Korean representative who had made it to final round (although underservedly). These were the Seoul, Korea Olympics and collusion with corruption was definitely abound! Roy Jones dominated Park through 3 rounds and 9 minutes. There wasn't a single portion of the fight in which Roy lost. Park couldn't land a singular blow on Jones and he looked twice as slow as the American.The movement and counters of Jones won him this fight hands down. The crowd was pro Park, but not even that should have saved him as he even takes a standing 8 count in the seond. [Image Source] In amateur boxing they give you a standing 8 count even if you're stunned and not knocked down. The count is intended to prevent heavy damage on young athletes whom are cultivating their skills for the pros. The fight itself is completely one sided with Roy being the only one throwing punches and hurting his man throughout the fight. Roy outboxed and destroyed this young man, yet the Seould judging commission decided to ruin a young man and rob him of a decision he deserved! As the announcer says at the end of the bout, "this is the greatest robbery since the 'Great Train Robbery!'" ..and as the ref raised Park's hand to win gold, he whispered in Jones' ear "I can't believe they're gonna do this to you." Roy Jones would go on to become arguably the greatest boxer of all time, so maybe this loss propelled him to the legacy he's laid out for the future. [Image Source] Did you watch the fight in its entirety, what'd you think of this atrocious moment in Olympics history?

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