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Boxing, WWE and MMA which is the Superior? (Opinion)
I am going to deviate today from football as i want to explore other sports. This article stemmed from a particular experience i had this week. I saw some guys fighting furiously on a trivial issue and i became curious as to know the 'Boss' or rather the most superior among Boxing, WWE and MMA. I understand that there is no basis on comparison when we consider their standard, rules and other relative discourse in sport. All the same i think one out of all should be 'kinging' especially when they compete. A good example was the fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Apparently we can classify it as Boxing versus MMA on strict Boxing rules and in a Boxing ring. With this analogy, i am curious as to who wins when a Wrestler is pitched with a Boxer, Martial Artist with either of Boxer or wrestler and vice versa (that is, one of the sports compete with the other and so also each of the other two do same). When this is done either of the rules will be applied. Boxing uses only the two fists and its target is the upper body. The heaviest and strongest punch, technique and experience is enough to defeat yout opponent. Wrestling and MMA rather use any part of the body especially MMA. When we consider their distinct approach to a fight we tend to see differences. Personally, i think wrestling is lagging behind because over the years it has drift from realism to entertainment. Having said that, Boxing and MMA are more physical and life threatening. Also affirming the fact that both wrestling and MMA are full combat sports which accommodates kicking and graplling. Though i have seen some wrestling matches where blood oozes out and others where losers were stretchered out of the ring. But then a higher passentage of WWE fixtures are mostly not real. From the three sports outlined my pick is MMA because of its physical approach. It is believed that once you enter the cage there is no going back. The fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor has created a sort of superiority of boxing over MMA considering how the latter was floored. Then Khabib Nurmagomedov has also called out Mayweather for a fight after his win against Conor McGregor basically on MMA rules which will of course be one of the remarkable matches in sport. From the above i am not certain if it is right to try to downgrade or belittle or even praise one against the other. But come on, we can always improvise and try new things and even cross carpet. Brock Lesnar was once in MMA before joining WWE. Another example is Rio Ferdinand who is a former player for Manchester United, few months ago he declared his intention to become a Professional Boxer and many more. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comment section and tell me which of the three you prefer. Thank you for reading.