The first time I tried 960 chess was probably by mistake. It's an odd game if you're not aware of what it is or why it is. In fact, I didn't like it at first. Then a friend gave me the down low. It's a game invented by Bobby Fischer because he despised the fact chess openings had become so rote and memorized. So he invented 960Chess. A game where it is impossible to memorize openings and you have to depend on your ability to think and strategize on the fly. Now, that sounds interesting! The GameThe game has some basic set up rules so the nature of chess stays intact. 1 - The king has to be situated between the rooks to preserve the castling moves.2 - Bishops have to be set on different colors.3 - When castling, regardless of where the pieces are on setup they occupy the same squares they would in regular chess, i.e. when white castles kingside the king occupies B1 after the move. 4 - all normal rules of castling apply. So the rook and king can only do it on the first move, no moving through check, that sort of thing.5 - Only the back row is affected. The front row still has to be all pawns.It's called 960Chess because, believe it or not, there are 960 different ways you can set the pieces. That's why it is impossible to memorize all the opening variations for all those positions. Once I understood why the game exists I approached it with a different attitude. It's a challenge to see how well you adjust your thinking to the facts on the ground. Unfortunately, I suck at it. But that's what makes it fun. My computer rating is about 1300 for normal chess but my 960Chess rating is under 900. I play on under the username "george_robbins"  so if you want to join in just come and find me and let's play a game. I am always ready whether its 960 or "normal" chess I enjoy the challenge.Let me know if you have played any weird variations of note. Especially if they help you develop your regular chess game.