Half a Century ago, Betman was glued to the TV screen watching an abnormally interesting match for the World Chess Champion title between Boris Spassky and Robert Fischer. Well, today is a 50th Anniversary since the match started…

And Betman decided to mark the anniversary with a chess tournament, which will be held at Lichess among the members of Betman’s Blitz Blunder Barrons team. And if you are a Hive member, you can play the tournament for a hard crypto money!

To honor the winner, Robert Fischer, the tournament will be played in the so-called Chess960, which, to be fair, should be officially called Fisher Random Chess. There will be four rounds with seven games each, and the time control will be according to Fischer’s clock – 3 + 2 (3 minutes for the game and 2 seconds plus for each move).

Betman hates rules, so they are minimal. You can read all about it at this link:

Betman’s Spassky – Fischer 1972 Memorial Tournament

You can join Betman’s Blitz Blunder Barrons team at this link:

Betman’s Blitz Blunder Barrons

And you can play or watch at this link:

Betman's Hive Memorial

@svarogbg, are you there?

Join and have a nice stress… time!