OMG, you’ve missed the second round of Betman’s Spassky vs. Fischer 1972 Hive Memorial Tournament, didn’t you? Let Betman show you how wrong you were…

A mysterious stranger visited Betman’s Memorial Tournament in the 2nd Round. No, it is not Stranger27, but dfsocial, wery strong Fischer Random player within the Top 50 on LiChess. He easily ran over six opponents, secured first place, and rode off into the sunset before the final game…

We really can’t know will he be back for the third round, since he did not register to Hive community, but for the second and third place we have extremely interesting competition of two guys who in an amazing way are mirroring Spassky and Fischer rivalry. Read more about it in Betman’s complete review of this round with the links to their most interesting games!

For a detailed sneak peak into LiChess tournament page visit this link:

Round Two:

Round One:

Now let’s see Hive standings after the Second Round:

The heat is rising. And chess can be so hot that you sometimes must jump in a pool…

Wouldn’t you like to play like this girls? Or with them? Well, you’ll need some training at the Betman’s Spassky vs. Fischer 1972 Hive Memorial Tournament.

How can you just stand watching?