OK, Betman burned again in October at the BetScorum platform for a bit of SCR… which is holding 2 cents value obviously on Betman’s loss…

And whenever Betman loses at betting, he has to comfort himself, and warm up on these bleak winter days – by watching other people burn. So, today Betman will present to you an instructive defeat, a loss of a chess game, and more – a beautiful girls in their winter outfit! You will see Andrea Botez burning like a Notre-Dame in a blitz chess clash against the strongest chess hustler in Paris, rated at 2300:

And for those part of Betman’s followers who do not like beautiful girls… (Are there any of you? Please unsubscribe) …and for those who are obsessed… interested in chess only, here is a ful .PGN:

Chess Hustler vs. Andrea Botez

Paris 2021, Van Geet Opening (ECO A00)

1. Nc3 g6 2. e4 c5 3. f4 Nc6 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Bc4 e6 6. a3 Nge7 7. Ba2 O-O 8. d3 d5 9. e5 f6 10. exf6 Bxf6 11. O-O a6 12. Ne2 Nf5 13. c3 Qc7 14. g4 Nd6 15. Ng3 Bd7 16. f5 Ne7 17. g5 Bh8 18. f6 Nc6 19. Bf4 Rae8 20. Ne5 Bxf6 21. gxf6 Rxf6 22. Nxd7 Qxd7 23. Bxd6 Rxf1+ 24. Qxf1 Qxd6 25. Re1 Rf8 26. Qh3 e5 27. Qg2 Ne7 28. Ne4 Qb6 29. Ng5 c4+ 30. Kh1 Rf2 31. Qh3 h5 32. Rxe5 Nf5 33. Re6 Qxb2 34. Rxg6+ Kf8 35. Ne6+ Ke7 36. Rg1 Qxa2 37. Nd4 Qd2 38. Nxf5+ Ke8 39. Ng7+ Kd8 40. Qh4+ { White wins on time. } 1-0

Aside of that, there’s nothing to see here except another Scorum & Hive partnership promotion…

Can’t wait for the Summer chess again!