It’s a dead sea over at BetScorum, so Betman will suggest an ideal sport to the Scorum community. It does require a serious training, but from the brighter side, you can practice it regardless of age…

Even better, in this sport women can compete completely equal with men! And that is the most appealing aspect of this sport for Betman. If you are still asking which sport that could be, Betman will no longer keep you in suspense…

Alright, maybe just a little bit longer, to give you chance to guess for yourself.

Did you? Yes, it is


Where else could you spent at least three hours (if you know how to manage your chess clock) at the same table with such a beautiful girl – and still not pay a terrible dinner bill? Well, unless you didn’t play for a dinner…

Cécile Haussernot French WIM, FIDE Rating: 2172

Go ahead, try if you wish to count down (or up) advantages of a street basketball with five strong smelly sweaty men over chess! Or a bunch of them in football. And don’t forget that playing basketball or football you risk serious injuries, which are not possible in chess. Well, unless she maybe like a rough chess…

In that case, you can choose another partner. Look at this one:

Jennifer Shahade American WGM, FIDE Rating: 2322

Notice that beautiful chest man… I meant chessmen in front of her. It looks like a Royal French Staunton to Betman, what would you say? Yes, her rating is too high, but you can’t improve your games with weak players. There are always exceptions, of course, Betman would like to beat this one:

Katy Perry American Pop Star / Rated Player FIDE Rating: 1378

Don’t get me wrong, not beat like physically… Well, unless she maybe like some rough chess… But Betman is rather inclined to a softer version of the California Chess matches. Do they have a chess clubs in California?

You can choose your favorite opponent at this location. Then, do not forget to conduct a serious preparations for the match. Betman is thinking to open a Chess School here at Scorum and allow you top fitness for such clashes for the minimal amount of SCRs that you will find nowhere else at the World Wide Web. If you are still afraid to lose, you can start with a group sessions… I mean simultaneous chess games…

Elisabeth Pähtz German WGM, FIDE Rating: 2467

Of course, Liz. Betman was just staring at both of yours… Bishops. They look different!