I have been working on the concepts for the chess game I have been working on. I have the Blocking done, now I have to choose the theme. A had a lot of ideas, but I can not choose. Here are two with explained positions.
(None of the pictures and drawings are mine, I just picked the first best I could find from searching)

Futuristic Soldiers Theme:

  • Pawn: Just a simple soldier with army weapons and exoskeleton. 
  • Rook: Soldier with a almost, if not fully closed exoskeleton and a mini gun or a bazooka.
  • Knight: Just a very skilled and fast soldier who is quit and kills with the knife.
  • Bishop: A sniper who is always on his knees or laying down.
  • Queen: An futuristic assassin with all type of technology.
  • King: A commander, but with more futuristic clothing.

Fantasy Theme (Light vs Dark):

  • Pawn: A militia from well trained soldiers / an undead zombie or ghoul
  • Rook: A very strong and big soldier with a heavy weapon / an abomination or just a big muscular ugly monster with a lot of meat
  • Knight: A knight / an undead knight
  • Bishop: A well trained soldier who commands groups / an undead bandit
  • Queen: A paladin / a vampire lord
  • King: A heavy armored king / an undead flying skeleton ( this a picture of a dragon priest )

There will be more themes coming and I will be working on it. In the meantime, I will write these two themes as separate comments, and the one with the most vote counts will be chosen above the other. That way I know what people prefer.