I was looking around this site, to find a sport that I liked. Basketball was a good one, but I lost interest in that sport years ago, but I still like it. But then I found chess, there aren't many people here who keeps themselves busy with chess so I am reaching to a small group here.

I have been playing this I against I game of chess. Every day I play the other color and make one simple but very calculated move. Some times it is fun to play against yourself, see how you think from another perspective, understand your weaknesses. The next move is up to the black, but that will be for tomorrow. 

If you also like chess and/or post about chess. Please upvote or leave a comment, so I know to follow you. I prefer a comment personally. Me myself don't know if I will be posting a lot of chess stuff, unless there are a lot of people interested, then I will keep people up to date with my current game. But yeah, let yourself be heard, I need people to follow.