I am trying to reach 1900 points on lichess.org but it seems impossible for now. Because it needs something that I haven't got now. Somehow, I can't get under 1700 points. This level is my level I think and I should get used to be here.

Yesterday, I started a game against Ernestillo (1868) with no hope.

1.e4 c5

2.Nf3 Nf6

3.be2 e6

4.O-O g6

5.d4 cxd4

I'm triying to play Sicilian Defence when I play dark side.



6.Nxd4 Nxd4

7.Qxd4 Nf6

8.Nc3 Bd7

9.Nb5 O-O

10.Bf3 a6

I don't know too much openings. Playing with Sicilian Defence as dark side gives me some opportunity to reach end game as equal.



11.Nc3 Qc7

12.Qe3 d6

13.Bd2 e5

14.Rad1 b5

15.Qe2 be6

From now on, I was getting time advantage. He was losing too much time by thinking move by move.



16.Bg5 b4

17.Bxf6 Bxf6

18.Nd5 Bxd5

19.Rxd5 Rfc8

20.Rfd1 Be6

He attacked to my d6 pawn and I did Be6 move because his threatening.



21.Rc1 a5

22.c3 a4

23.Bg4 Rd8

24.Qd2 Ra5

25.cxb4 Rxd5




26.exd5 Qb6

27.Rc6 Qb5

28.h3 Kg7

29.Be2 Qb7

30.Qc3 Bf6

31.a3 e4

32.Qc2 Re8

33.Rxd6 e3

34.f3 Qb8

I found an attack chance after this move.

35.Rc6 Qg3

Now I had a chance to finish the game using both my e3 pawn and my Queen.

36.Qd1 Be5

37.Bc4 Qh2+

38.Kf1 Qh1+

39.Ke2 Qxg2+

40.Kd3 Bxb2



After the match, I analyzed board. I saw that I couldn't use my chance to finish it. But my opponent lost too much time when he tried to save his King from my Queen, pawn and Bishop.

41.Qe2 Qf2

42.d6 Bf6

43.Rc7 Qxe7+

44.Kxe2 Kh6

45.d7 Re5



After this moves, I decided to play by time because my opponent had 25 seconds against my 6.15.



46.Rc8 Kh5

47.d8=Q Bxd8

48.Rxd8 Kh6




49.Rxh8 h5

50.Rd8 Kxh3

51.Rd1 Kg2

You can see full game in here.

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