Yesterday, I played two classical games. I won both of them. My classical rating descreased 1800 to 1701 and I felt so bad about this. 1700 point level was a critical psychological level for me and I played my last two classical games with full concentration. So I won both of them. Here is my last games (game1 - game 2). You can check both of them and if you comment about them, I will be happy.After two winnings, my classical rating increased 1701 to 1723. This is not the level I want. I want to improve my chess and I want to be persistent between 1900 and 2000.

However, I don't want to share my last two classical games, I want to share my winning game against francoRRio4 (2024). It was a blitz (3+1) game. I know, blitz games doesn't show players' quality or level. I won the game against a player higher rating from 2000. It is important for me.

I played as dark and my opponent played as light.

1- e4 e5

2- Bc4 d6

3- Ne2 bg4

4- f3 Bh5

5- g4 Bg6

After 5 moves, My Light Bishop seems like trapped at King side but my opponents' pawns are placed by disorderly after chasing my Light Bishop.



6- h4 h6

7- h5 Bh7

8- Ng3 g6

9- hxg6 Bxg6

10- Qe2 Nc6

After 10 moves, white player has a position advantage I think.




11- d3 Nd4

12- Qd1 Nf6

13- c3 Nc6

14- Qb3 Rb8

15- Nd2 Na5

After 15th move, I lost 30 seconds and my opponent lost just 8 seconds. I got hurried a bit, I remember.



16- Qb5+ Nc6

17- Ndf1 a6

18- Qa4 Qd7

19- Qa3 d5

I asked his Light Bishop because my d5 move threated his Queen by my Dark Bishop. So I took his Dark Bishop.

20- b4 dxc4



21- dxc4 a5

22- Bd2 axb4

23- cxb4 Nd4

24- Qc3 Qa4

25- Kf2 Nc6

After 25th move, My time made me excited.



26- b5 Bb4

27- Qb3 Qxb3

28- axb3 Bxd2

29- bxc6 Bc3

30- Ne2 Bxa1

My opponent had a time advantage but I think he lost his concentration.



31- Nfg3 bxc6

After 31th move , I did a big mistake, I forgot my Dark Bishop on a1 because of time controls' made me hurry up. But my opponent had no chance to win this game because he was too disadvantaged.

32- Rxa1 Ke7

33- Rb1 Nd7

34- Nc3 Nc5

35- b4 Nd3+



36- Ke3 Nxb4

37- Na4 Nc2+

This move checks for White King by Black Knight and same time I threat his Rock on b1 with my Rock on b8. So my opponent resigned, I won and I gain +26 points.

My blitz rating is too low, it's 1536. But I try not to play blitz games, I prefer classical games for improving. Blitz games are for getting some adrenalin I think.

Here is full game If you want to check it.

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