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Today we are going to look into how to setup the chessboard. Setting up the chessboard is not that easy for amateur. It requires knowledge of positioning. Also the cell the queen will stand on must be well define in such a way that the queen will take its cell color.

As I said before here, we have 32 pieces in a checkerboard, each players with his or her own 16 pieces. Each piece lies on each cell on the chessboard.

Any mistake in setup is a total error to the whole chessboard and indirectly affects movement of all pieces unknowingly.

A chessboard must be well setup!

How to setup

Arrangement of the chessboard comes from the bottom right hand side of the chessboard. While second row will be filled by pawns only.

System (setting up the white)

First to move in is the Rook. Place the rook at the bottom right end side to occupy the first cell. Next to go right beside it is the knight to fill the second cell on the same row 1.

After the knight comes the bishop on the third cell on the same row 1.

Here comes the Queen and must take position in a cell of the same color as the queen (if setting up white queen, it must be in a white square cell)

And lastly is the king on the remaining cell.

You can now fill the remaining square to correspond to your first setup.

Like you were asking, do you think I can do this? Yes you can!, get a chessboard and setup your piece for game!

Now after the setup of the mighty

On the next row you place all your 8 pawns.

The other player will also setup his or her own pieces ready for game!


After setup all piece on the chessboard must face each other.

Rook to Rook, Knight to Knight, Bishop to Bishop, Queen to Queen, and finally King to King.

Do you have any question? Ask on the comment section also watch the video on how to setup a chessboard.

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Next will be on the movement of all pieces. Thanks