A game I love so much, one of my best ever. Time we discus and teach many about it. Time to have fun with experts / professionals. Time to build a strong community of chess lovers. Time to talk about chess!

This is the introductory part of this game. It will be a full series. A greater opportunity to learn how to play chess and strategies/tactics needed.

Chess as we know is a two player board game, mean can only be played by two players at a time. The board is called a checkerboard, it is similar to a draft board. A checkerboard is a (8x8)matrix formation. A checker is totally a (nxn) matrix where n=8 which consist of (mxm) m=1 cells board which are integral of the main checkerboard.

The total number of m(s) cells are 64 cells since 8x8=64. In summary, a checker board consist of 64 squares in which 32 are whites or yellow while 32 are black or brown. Basically we have black and white colors.

Chess originated from India, chess is on a basic strategy games we have on earth. Playing time of chess varies depend on both players strengths and strategies. It can last between 10 and 60 minutes, sometimes in a strong tournament it can last up to 4hours to 6 hours or even more.

To be an expert in chess you need

* Strategy

* Tactics

Components and complete checker board (each player)

  1. One king
  2. One queen 
  3. Two rooks
  4. Two knights
  5. Two bishops
  6. Eight pawns

We will discus each soon with a clear image and movement

The difference among the pieces are

(1) Appearance

(2) Movement

In all we have six different pieces, each with its own unique move. Their movements are so unique and the most powerful is assumed to be the queen which can move in any direction (weakness :inability to jump over a piece which knights can do) We assume that one with the least power is the pawns. Anyone can sacrifice a pawn for greater plans ahead. In chess player can only win in checkmate or draw.

Remember we have a chess known as Hexagonal chess with its own rules, but we are sticking with square chess.


Chess is beautiful because it enhances reasoning and puts one in a situation of avoiding mistakes in real-life. Chess built mental capabilities of taking good decision. Chess gives that very kind of accepting or recognizing collateral damage for progress in general. Chess is the king! Check my blog always for more. Thanks for visiting.

Noted : images snapped with my mobile phone.