This is an interesting game where the French defense develops against the opening play e4, I consider it a real pearl; since we can appreciate the value of a great material sacrifice to take a great advantage in the position

White: Wolfram Bialas
Blacks: Wolfgang Uhlmann

1.- e4, e6
2.- d4, d5
3.- ♘d2, ♞f6
4.- e5, ♞fd7
5.- ♝d3, c5
6.- c3, ♞c6
7.- ♘e2, ♕b6
8.- ♘f3, cxd4
9.- cxd4, f6
10.- exf6, ♝b4 +?

I think it was better 10.- ... .. ♞xf6 at once and not on move 11.

11.- ♝d2, ♞xf6
12.- 0-0, 0-0
13.- a3, ♝d6

It was preferable for White to play 13.- ♝xb4 and in that way the black bishop in white squares is annulled

14.- b4, e5!

Excellent, they open lines and get a promising set of pieces before White has deployed his troops well.

15.- dxe5, ♞xe5
16.-♘xe5, ♝xe5

17.- ♝c3, ♝xh2 +

With great impetus the bishop is sacrificed to gain advantage in the position

18.- ♚xh2, ♞g4 +
19.- ♚g3, ♖xf2

This was the objective of the sacrifice of the bishop, now the king is unprotected and at the mercy of the black

20.- ♝d2, ♞e3
21.- ♖xf2, ♛d6 +
22.- ♚f3 ??, ♝g4 +
23.- ♚xe3, ♛e5 +


White leaves before the imminent checkmate. The white king dies surrounded by a large group of loyal to him, but they can not help him or prevent his death.

What did you think of this wonderful game where the French defense is developed, in addition to making a material sacrifice to obtain a better position that gives the desired victory? I would love to know your opinion and I would value it to improve my level of play.