White: Paul Morphy

Black: Adolf Anderssen

Spanish opening (Ruy López)

1.e4, e5
2.♘f3, ♘c6
3.♝b5, ♘f6
4.d4, ♘xd4
5.♘xd4, exd4
6.e5, c6

This movement of Black is very weak and gives the target the possibility of attacking strongly

7.O-O, cxb5

8.♝g5, .♝e7

It's a much stronger move than taking the horse

The only correct answer. If ... h6, White can play ♚e1 or exf6 and in each case win easily

9.exf6, ♝xf6

gxf6 would have been equally bad, since White's response would have been ♛xd4, winning the game

11.♝xf6, ♛xf6
12.c3, d5

13.cxd4, ♝e6
14.♘c3, a6
15.♖e5, ♖d8

16.♛b3, ♛e7
18.♛d1, ♛f6
19.♖1e3, ♖g8

And Black leaves


What is your opinion about this extraordinary game won by Paul Morphy?