Magnus Carlsen vs Garry Kasparov

This is the game between two great chess legends, Masters Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen. At that time the young Norwegian Carlsen was only 13 years old.

White: Magnus Carlsen
Blacks: Garry Kasparov

Queen's Gambit Declined

1.d4, d5
2.c4, c6
3.♘f3, ♘f6
4.♘c3, e6
5.♝g5, ♘bd7
6.e3, ♛a5
7.♘d2, ♝b4
8.Qc2, O-O

The attack of the black ones has inclined by the flank of of queen and the white ones will benefit in the position when realizing the castling short

9.♝e2, e5
10.O-O, exd4

In this favorable position for white; since Black drew her queen very prematurely and that's why she will be attacked by all of White's artillery

11.♘b3, ♛b6
12.exd4, dxc4
13.♝xc, 4a5
14.a4, ♛c7
15.♖ae1, h6
16.♝h4, ♝d6

Black already lined up his attack on the King's flank, especially the square h2

17.h3, ♘b6
18.♝xf6, ♘xc4
19.♘e4, ♝h2+

Fulfilling his purpose the blacks begin their attack on the King in h2 where he is defenseless

20.♚h1, ♘d6
21. ♚xh2, ♘xe4+
22.♝e5, ♘d6
23. ♛c5, ♖d8
24.d5, ♛d7
25.♘d4, ♘ f5
26.dxc6, bxc6
27.♘ xc6, ♖ e8
28.♖d1, ♛e6
29.♖fe1,♝ b7
30.♘d4, ♘xd4
31. ♛xd4, ♛g6

Black threatens to checkmate in g2, so White must confine himself to defending himself

32.♛g4, ♛xg4
33.hxg4, ♝c6
34.b3, f6
35.♝c3, ♖xe1
36.♖xe1, ♝d5
37. ♖b1, ♚f7
38. ♚g3, ♖b8
39.b4, axb4
40.♝xb4, ♝c4
41.a5, ♝a6
42.f3, ♚g6

Here we are facing a very even end and that is shaping up like a table

43. ♚f4, h5
44.gxh5+, ♚xh5
45.♖h1+, ♚g6
46.♝c5, ♖b2
47. ♚g3, ♖a2
48.♝b6, ♚f7
49.♖c1, g5
50.♖c7+, ♚g6
51. ♖c6, ♝f1
52. ♝f2


Both players agree to table before the impossibility to advance and each one stays in his defense position

What did you think about this excellent game between these two great masters of chess?