White: Radovan Govedarica
Blacks: Wolfgang Uhlmann

1.e4, e6
2.d4, d5
4.e5, ♘fd7
5.♝d3, c5
6.c3, ♘c6
7.♘e2, ♛b6
8.♘f3, cxd4
9.cxd4, f6
10.exf6, ♘xf6♝
11.O-O, ♝d6
12.a3, O-O

13.b4 ?, e5

En esta posición, b4 esto es un error, y el movimiento correcto es 13.♘c3

14.dxe5, ♘xe5
15.♘xe5, ♝xe5
16.♖a2, ♘g4

It would be a mistake to sacrifice a material here 16. ..... ♝xh2+ 17. ♚ xh2, ♘g4 + 18. ♚g3!, ♘xf2 19. ♛b3 and Black cannot greatly increase the attack

17.♘g3, ♝d4
18.♘h1, ♝d7

It would be a serious mistake for White to play 18. ♛e1, ♝d7, after which whites would be unarmed until threatened 19. ...♖ae8

19. h3, ♘e5
20.♝e2, c3
21.♛b3, ♖ac8
22.♖c2, ♝e6

Although the tower game is very seductive, this is a big mistake.

23.♝d2, d4
24.♛a4, ♝xd2
25.♖xd2, d3
26.♝g4, ♝xg4
27.hxg4, ♖c3
28.♘g3,♘ xg4

Black could play much stronger with 28. ... ♘c4!

29.♛a5, ♘f6
30.♛f5, ♖d8
31.♖e1, ♖xa3
32.♖e6, ♛xb4
33.♖d1, ♛g4
34.♖xf6, ♛xd1+
35.♚h2, ♖a6
36.♖xa6, bxa6
37.♛g5, ♖d7
38.♘h5, ♛a1
39 ♛.f5, ♛d4
40.♛e6+, ♚f8
41.f4, d2

And Black wins by resigning White before the inevitable coronation of the black pawn


Why do you think that White abandons the game?