White: Anatoly Karpov
Black: Garry Kasparov

(King's Indian Defense)

1.d4, Nf6
2.c4, g6
3.Nc3, Bg7
4.e4, d6
5.f3, O-O

Garry Kasparov with the black ones curls up protecting his king with several pieces

6.Be3, e5
7.Nge2, c6
8.Qd2, Nbd7
9.Rd1, a6
10.dxe5, Nxe5
11.b3, b5
12.cxb5, axb5
13.Qxd6, Nfd7

Anatoly Karpov with the white attacks strongly with his queen in the territory of the black ones

14.f4, b4
15.Nb1, Ng4
16.Bd4, Bxd4
17.Qxd4, Rxa2
18.h3, c5
19.Qg1, Ngf6

Black has a tower in an excellent position very open and ready for attack and with the help of another piece can be deadly, because the white queen was neutralized.

20.e5, Ne4
21.h4, c4
22.Nc1, c3
23.Nxa2, c2

Apparently Kasparov with the blacks, sacrifices his tower to crown his pawn.

24.Qd4, cxd1=Q+
25.Kxd1, Ndc5
26.Qxd8, Rxd8+
27.Kc2, Nf2

And the whites abandon, acknowledging their defeat


What's your opinion on this game?
What was Karpov's mistake that led him to this defeat?