White Anatoly Karpov

Black Garry Kaspárov

Sicilian Defense

1.e4, c5
2.♘f3, e6
3.d4, cxd4
4.♘xd4, ♘c6
5.♘b5, d6
6.c4, ♘f6
7.♘1c3, a6
8.♘a3, d5
9.cxd5, exd5
10.exd5, ♘b4
11.♝e2, ♝c5
12.O-O, O-O

We can appreciate a Sicilian defense with the variant of the accepted pawn's gambit.

White's position is very passive and allows Black to have a better position to attack

13.♝f3, ♝f5
14.♝g5, ♖e8
15.♛d2, b5
16.♖ad1, ♘d3
17.♘ab1, h6
18.♝h4, b4


White wants to keep his bishop's attack against the black horse, to keep him neutralized or nailed

19.♘a4, ♝d6
20.♝g3, ♖c8
21.b3, g5
22.♝xd6, ♛xd6
23.g3, ♘d7
24.♝g2, ♛f6
25.a3, a5
26.axb4, axb4

These piece changes make White weaken and allow Black to approach the King's flank

27.♛a2, ♝g6
28.d6, g4
29.♛d2, ♚g7
30.f3, ♛xd6
31.fxg4, ♛d4+
32.♚h1, ♘f6
33.♖f4, ♘e4

Here we see that white has weakened a lot and black lends itself to attack strongly and deadly with his dangerous horses

34.♛xd3, ♘f2+
35.♖xf2, ♝xd3
36.♖fd2, ♛e3
37.♖xd3, ♖c1
38.♘b2, ♛f2
39.♘d2, ♖xd1+
40.♘xd1, ♖e1+


White leaves, because if they play 41. ♘f1, Black will play ♛x♘ + 42. ♝xf1, ♖xf1 ++

We must recognize that this was an excellent game won by Garry Kasparov and what do you think about this interesting game?