Anatoly Karpov vs Viktor Korchnoi

White: Anatoly Karpov.

Blacks: Viktor Korchnoi

1.e4, e5
2.♘f3, ♘f6
3.♘xe5, d6
4.♘f3, ♘xe4
5.d4, d5
6.♝d3, ♝e7
7.O-O, ♘c6
8.♖ e1, ♝g4
9.c3, f5
10.♖b3, OO

White and his queen attack two weak points of Black, which are e5 and b7

11.♘bd2, ♚h8
12.h3, ♝ h5
13.♖xb7, ♖f6
14.♖b3, ♖g6

Good move by Black, when attacking f2

15.♝e2, ♝h416.♖f1, ♝xf3
17.♘xf3, ♝xf2+

Black thinks to take advantage of this exchange of pieces

19.♚xf2, ♛d6
20.♘g5, ♖f8
21.♛a3, ♛d8
22.♝f4, h6
23.♘f3, ♖e8
24.♝d3, ♖e4

White with this move, in addition to defending his bishop, places him in a position of attack

25.g3, ♖f6
26.♛c5, g5
27.♘xg5, hxg5
28.♝xg5, ♖ee6
29.♖e1, ♛g8
30.h4, ♖g6
31.♖xe6, ...


And Black leaves, before an inevitable checkmate

And what is your opinion regarding this game of these two great masters of chess?