Once upon a time in far eastern Asia, they were two villages who only had one thing they did in common “the annual chess competition” which was an old ancestral culture. These two never shared anything, their food, clothing, and even inter marriage between them was impossible because it was seen as a taboo. They lived like two rivers meeting at a confluence. The zeds continue to suffer defeats year in and year out in the hands of their opposition. Aside the winning community getting 20 bags of gold items as prize they also enjoy the privilege of bragging rights and fame over the other, which was one feet the zeds has never enjoyed.

For many years now it has been a cliché for the zoos to triumph over the zeds in the competition and it has cost them a lot that they have to work extra hard to make sure they gather enough gold to pay their competitor when they eventually lose the chess game. Failure to pay the bags of gold attracts fine of losing a hectare of land to the winner which was the only advantage the zeds had over the zoos, they are richly blessed with lands full of gold and the chess competition was the only avenue for the zoos to acquire the gold from them.

The losses for many years has made them look like mediocre before the zoo who see them nothing but a group of persons they have to rip off their golds and lands. Niok has been their champion for the past five years now and compared to their previous champions the zoos have had, Niok was far the best, he was an excellent player and that earned him the nickname “the check mate king” he has been defeating all the zeds champion for the last five years through six or less moves before checkmating them and claiming the victory for his side. He was a popular name and was feared in the game by any zeds players.

Who will the deliver the Zeds?

Ander is in his mid-20’s, the son of one of one of the zed villagers. Ander who was not known by many, was not a popular figure in the village as he has kept a low profile lifestyle, a typical phlegmatic whose introverted lifestyle had made him not to be known in the village, he has preferred to stay indoors, where he learned and practice the chess game to the extent that he knows every piece like the back of his palm.

One faithful day the high chief of the zed’s sent words to his people to gather at his place for a very important announcement, he was going to inform them about that year’s chess competition.

A large crowd gathered at the house of the high chief, after giving them the news of the forth coming contest happening in two weeks’ time, on a Friday to be specific the very large crowd went silent in what seemed like a god of speech sealed all their tongues. You can hear the sound of a feather if let to fall to the ground at that point.

After about five minutes of total silence and with the high chief still waiting for a volunteer to pick up the challenge of representing them in the forth coming competition.

Ander then began to make his way through the crowd and heading for the front where the high chief was seated, when he finally made his way out to the open space in front, these were his words

“all my life I have waited for this day to come, where I will have the opportunity to represent my people in the chess competition

My chief send me, I will go”

The huge crowd murmured in doubt and disbelieve of what Ander can do, a competition where their finest players has failed, even the high chief was also in disbelieve. So he ordered that Ander gets to prove himself in front of the crowd by beating one of his players.

The game was quickly set and a player was called upon to take on Ander, who lasted for about 10 minutes before Ander put him off. Still the high chief was still in doubt of Anders ability so he brought another player and then another but to their greatest surprise Ander didn’t disappoint either in defeating the players in a ridiculous manner.

Just then the high chief announced him as their representative for the competition

Glory to the Zed

The day for the event came and as usual every one gathered at the event ground. The zoo’s people were full of life, dancing and singing on high tone on a victory song the zeds corner was a total opposite of their rivals, it was calm and one was making any attempt to sing or dance to any song. It has been dead end for them in the contest so none came with any iota of hope for victory.

The event announcer first introduced Ander who walked straight to take a seat at one corner of the game table with a little cheer coming from his people.

Loud scream and cheers came out from the zoos corner as their five time champion Niok walks majestically to his seat while he was cheered and hailed by his nickname “the check mate king”. When he got to his chair he let out a big laughter seeing little Ander coming to challenge him, unfortunately he forgot that chess game is not a battle where opponents test their physical strength but test of mental strength.

The game started and Ander who took the white pieces made the first move, he moved is pawn two places upwards for faster exchange of piece, Niok was still underrating him and was playing without checking out the plots Ander was planning for him and kept on taking any piece thrown at him and was smiling in response. It got to a point where Anders was now having two threats because he has given so many away, a black queen and a black knight that is also exposing an attack on his white queen. He takes himself out of trouble by putting the black queen on the run but Niok replied by taking an unprotected knight, but that was an intentional give away by Ander as he made another brilliant counter attacking move that puts the black queen, the king and a rook at threat, but Niok replied very well by taking out another white pawn and defends his king and queen.

Ander had to make a call that many will call stupid and in fact is something no chess players has ever tried, he gave out both of his rook, then a bishop and again he gave out his queen, the move forced Niok to let his defenses open and white queen progress forward and placed Niok king on CHECKMATE.

The people of zoo were left in oblivion of what just happened, Little Ander defeated their champion, it was total revolution for the zeds, something that has never been done in their life time had just happened. The voice of the quite zeds came bang to life, victory dance began to roll in and it was a day that they will never forget.

From that day the Zed began to dominate the Zoo

That is Ander in the picture fifty years later, the photograph with a chimpanzee represents the him gaining victory over the zoo.

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