Chess remain one of the ancient games known to mankind as it has existed centuries before the discovery or invention of football now regarded as king of all sports. In fact during the days of the Roman Empire, a general that leads battalions of armies must be an excellent chess player to make a good war plotter or rather war strategist.

I got to learn how to move pieces on chess board during my final year in the university and since then I have gone on to play chess more of a hobby than a sport even though I have gone on a couple of local competition within the state in chess but there a part of me that says it a sport but people consider it otherwise.

On many occasions the game has been hugely considered as gentle men game that requires a lot of strategic thinking a moves as well as reading the mind of the opponent. Some believes it a science as well as an art.

Even though many argument are still raging if the game can be regarded as a sport or not but it consideration to be included as one of the sporting events in the Olympics by the international Olympic committee can be a pointer and may lay the argument to rest whenever in it played. On a personal not, I believe that the game of chess can be defined as a sport as involves two person competition against each other, like other sport required certain level of concentration, persistence, mental and emotional strain on the players. Most especially since winning is considered the essential part of the game then we can define it as sport.

Even though I tend to agree that the game involves little or no physical exercise which most people have used to judge the game but I bet you that more energy is spent on playing chess that most of the physical sports around. You may ask why? However statistics has shown that human brain can spend more energy than certain sports like dart. The game of chess requires a whole lot of mental work to play it at the highest level. Such competition can go for hours and days with a lot of inbuilt pressure of its own and energy drainage.

Those who oppose the idea that chess is not a sport has often cited in total lack of physicality as the basis of their conclusion. One has in an argument put up this question. If your doctor should ask you if you do some exercise, will you say that you play chess twice a week?. So, on this note I am putting up the question to the community.

Chess can be found on scorum list as a sport since the blockchian is basically for sports related post as well as have been of the contest of freaky friday.

Is chess a sport?

What’s your definition of sport?

In general, are board games considered sport?

You opinion is highly welcomed on the subject in the comment section