Today I was feeling somehow bored and decided to scroll my scorum page to read some articles and sport updates. I thought it wise that I visit the chess section of scorum and to my greatest surprise the chess community is deserted like an overtaken city. I was really disappointed not because it was barely updated but those that made little effort bring the game to spotlight scorum didn’t get enough encouragement to do so.

Right from my university days, I have been a lover and player of chess to the extent that i had a nickname all thanks to

the Norwegian super master Magnus Carlson exploits since 2013 when he he became the World Chess Champion. The

game is such a loving sport that it brings out the best of one’s thinking faculty and at the same time thinking ahead.

Now, let's go down memory lane a bit.

I don’t want to believe that chess should sound awkward to any body’s ear but for emphasis sake. Chess is a game of two individual trying to capture the king of the opponent in a board fortified with different armies and remains one of the oldest game ever played by humans. Chess has been in existence one thousand (1000) before any popular sport you can mention in scorum. I stand to be corrected. Chess historically can be traced back to 1500 years ago even though it might have been played long before then and it believed to have been originated from India before the 6th century AD while others argue it from China before spreading to the then Persia. The Arabs after conquering Persian bought the game chess to southern Europe. It was while in Europe in the 15th century that the current form of chess was revolutionized.

After series of revolutionary pattern and strategy of playing chess, the first ever World Chess Championship was held

in 1886 between United States, Wilhelm Steinitz and his European counterpart, Johann Zukertort. These strategies are

now applied using technology like computer in forms of programmed chess and online gaming.

Many may begin to doubt how vast or popular is this game but l have a little shocking package for you.

Popularity can be defined as number of viewers as well number of players of a game. It is an undeniable fact that the world has witnessed decrease in chess awareness even though some schools in United States, Europe and Asia have included the game in their school curricula likewise many adult in Europe play at part time but has not made it less popular.

According to report of World Chess federation (FIDE) and Wikipedia survey has it that chess make up the

largest community in the world with over 605 million people taking part in the again against the 265 million people that

partake in soccer annually. 70% of Indians, 15% of Americans, 45% of Russians and 12% of British population plays

chess at least once a year. So, arguably chess remains the king of sport in age and participation. The International

Olympic Committee has pencil down Chess as one of the sports to be featured in 2020 Olympics.

Even thought I may not have all the time to write for day, I will make out little time once in a while to write about chess. And if scorum must grow in sport, it must feature a sizable number of sports to accommodate reasonable audience.

Have you played chess before?

Do you know about the rules and move?

When last did you play chess?

Let me hear your opinion in the comment section.