Aceh's traditional process in the past at the risk of chess in the Aceh Cultural Week at the Aceh Museum.

Aceh Chess is familiar with the people of old, usually in Bale-Bale, places of recitation, musala, and patrol posts. Usually done at rest while waiting for prayer time.

Aceh Chess is processed by a small board with a number of children ranging from 28, 81 and 100. While the material used as a chess child is from stone. For the large size is named Rimung (tiger), and the pawn or small stone is the Goat.

People's Game Coordinator Suhirman explained, Aceh chess was different from chess played in general. Only on a small board that has carved like a chess form then fight or clean with oddity.

"Playing this Aceh chess we kill players with odd systems, that is jumping over three opposing players even up to five. After a new round we can kill opposing players." said Suhirman, Wednesday (8/8).

He added, "When the tiger has been confined, it cannot move anymore because it is blocked by a goat, then he wins. It runs out and the tiger is free to move, meaning he is the winner."

In addition to talking about Acehnese chess, Suhirman also touched on the types of renewal that took place in the Aceh Cultural Week, in Geunteut, Gasing, Geulayang, and Boat Contest.

"We want to cultivate, restore traditional games that have been forgotten," he said.

He hopes that the game that became the favorite of the ancients is also familiar to children today.