Tawamba played couple of chess games today and won this one in very effective way. That's why I decided to share this with you. Opponent was Musewo player with rating around 1800 just like I have. As you can see Tawamba was more active in the beginning, developed his pieces and allow one Knight for Bishop exchange.

Soon after castles on different sides Musewo thought he got tawamba on line of fire of his bishop, but guess what Tawamba has soome solution for that!

No my man you will not get queen or rook so early!

I decided to attack with pawn in front of rook and to weaken his King's position.

This was crucial moment in the game. What would you do here like white ? You'd probably retreat with knight and call off an attack, but you are not Tawamba whose brain from time to time see mate situation long before the time... Guess what I did here I eat his pawn with rook! Now how cool was that ? :)

Hahaha of course he could defense better after, but he got scared and soon after it was very crowded around his King, but without chance to give final hit and checkmate.

Overcrowded but still not ready for checkmate! Desperate situation need desperate meassures and he moved Queen on line with Bishop hoping Tawamba will not see his check mate threat, but both parts of my brain worked and I noticed this obvious fact just like Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes serial! No my man you will not check mate me that easy!

His plan to check mate me collapsed and what is he doing now ? Trying to escape ? Where are you going my man ? Try to hide behind rook ? Big mistake.

Look at this effective move with Knight now! Where will this black lady Queen go now ? Oh it seems she has been captured and will have rendezvous with my Knight.

I am little stronger now but nothing has been decided yet. Oh I know you see lovely d4 piece to double attack my King and Queen, but Knight is corrupting that. What you want to force my Knight away ? I have solution for that!

Check! Last hope has gone...

Or maybe not ? He want my Knight so badly, I could try to defend it with king but why should I do that ? I generously let him eat that piece because I can give him check on e7 and take his Bishop!

My pawns continue to advance toward promotion, he was obsessed with stopping them and didn't see one nice check mate!

You can watch this game on link here. Of course it was not well thought plan it was a a set of happy circumstances again, but who cares win is win. You must admit that this Queen trap was really good. :)