I am in big decline in chess in recent couple of days and my Lichess rating fell under 800. However today I managed somehow to end this annoying losing streak against player AlexDan753 (rating 1758). I think game was exciting and as usual when Tawamba wins other side made some mistakes. It was Lichess rapid 10 minute game. We started it with some kind of Karo Kann opening.

1 e4 c6

2 d4 g6

3 Nf3 Bg7

4 Be3 d6

5 Nc3 Nd7

6 Bd3 Qb6

7 Rb1 c5

8 d5 Ngf6

9 h3 O-O

10 O-O

Nothing much happen so far, I developed all pieces except Queen, while his light Bishop remained undeveloped.


11 Qd2 Ndf6

12 g4

He moved his Knights on strange was and I noticed I could attack one on h5 wit my g pawn. He will be forced to switch other Knight or Light Bishop for 2 pawns. I know it is not good to open pawns from castle but wanted to risk a bit.


13 hxg4 Nxg4

He lost light Bishop but my King is very naked at the moment. I decided to move Knight to h3 and then to move forward f pawn after which I would try to put Rook in front of King.

14 Nh2 Ne5

15 f4 Nd7

16 Rf2 e5

17 f5 Qd8

18 Rg2 Kh8

19 Rf1 Bf6

20 Rf3 Rg8

21 Ng4 Bh4

22 Nh6 Rg7

Soon things looked like on bellow picture. I protected King a bit and decided it is good time to remove g6 pawn and to treat double King-Queen attack with Knight.

23 fxg6 hxg6

24 Nxf7+ Rxf7

25 Rxf7

I had his Rook for my Knight. He tried to trap my Rook on f7, but my Dark Bishop did right thing after.


26 Bg5


27 Bxf6+ Bxf6

28 Qh6+

White Queen penetrated to check black King and that was game over for black as check mate is inevitable now.


29 Qh7#

Check mate!

I know it was not some top notch game, I am out of concentration these days, I guess I had luck in this game. I don't know why he didn't put his Knight on f4 and force me to do Bishop-Knight exchange. I think he could benefit from that move. If you want to watch entire game you can do it here.