Check Mate with Knight

After struggling in few games on Lichess, Tawamba went in form again. Well at least good enough form for players with rating around 1800. After few winnings in a row I managed to return to rating above 1800. I found this last win quite effective for my level of play and decided to share this game with you. It was unstoppable Knight attack. Opponent was tough with rating of 1882 and that makes this win more valuable.

1 e4 e5, 2 g3 Nf6, 3 Bg2 Nc6, 4 c3 Bc5, 5 Ne2 O-O, 6 O-O d6, 7 d4 exd4, 8 cxd4 Bb6

I was black and after first couple of moves he was stronger in center. This is some opening I don't like (Kings Pawn ?) and I usually look to exchange Bishop which is standing covered in dangerous diagonal. Because of his advantage in center I decided to make castle as soon as possible .

9 a3 Bd7, 10 Nbc3 Qc8, 11 Re1 Bg4, 12 f3 Bh3, 13 Kh1 Bxg2+, 14 Kxg2 h6, 15 Na4 Re8, 16 Nxb6 axb6, 17 Bf4 Nh5, 18 Be3 Kh8

I exchange Light Bishops, he decided to exchange Knight for Bishop doubling my b Pawns. In consolation I had Knight pair while he had Knight and Bishop. He tried to put Bishop on f4, but I forced it to retreat. Then I moved King because I wanted to avoid Check with Queen a4 if I move f Pawn forward. He prepared to sacrifice Bishop for my h and g Pawns which would bring me into dangerous position with naked King and I started to dance with my King protecting h Pawn while I am not in diagonal attack from his Queen and returning to h8 when I am under diagonal attack.

19 Qc1 Kh7, 20 Qc2 Kh8, 21 Qd2 Kh7, 22 d5 Ne5, 23 b3 Ng6, 24 Nd4 Ne7, 25 Rec1 Qd7, 26 a4 c6, 27 dxc6 bxc6, 28 Ne2 d5

He started to chase my Knight with Pawn and then tried to infiltrate his Knight on f5, but I was capable to prevent this with my own Knight. I decided to let b Pawn unprotected, because wrongly thought after Rook b8 his b Pawn will also fall, but didn't see possibility of Pawn a5 and protecting Bishop there. Fortunately he didn't exploit my wrong move with Pawn to d5. He exchange Pawns instead.

29 exd5 Nxd5, 30 Bd4 c5, 31 Bc3 Ne3+, 32 Kh1 Qh3, 33 Ng1 Nxg3#

I don't know what he wanted with Bishop d4 move, my Pawn effectively forced it to retreat and that gave me tempo for very nice attack. Check with Knight, then infiltrating Queen to h6. He tried to force Queen retreat with Knight, but that was pathetic because he got direct and very effective check mate with my other Knight.

I guess game could went in complete other direction if he didn't exchange Pawns. If he removed my non protected b Pawn and then protect his Bishop with his a Pawn I would be in heavy situation. He could also do Rook g1 and save himself.

If you want to watch entire game you can do it here:

Thanks for reading.