It always feels good when you win player who is 100 points above you in Linchess rating. Well that happen today on Rapid 10m tournament. I must state again I am by no mean chess pro, I am far away from titles and categories. I did not play this game very good, but at the end I had luck not to get check mate. Here is the game.

At the beginning we were the same...

And young CChap with raiting 1809 fell in Tawamba's trap!

Opening was not good plaid by me, I went "with throat in strawberries", he gained advantage put queen where it hurts. My left flank Knight and Bishop were undeveloped, but my Queen and Pawns managed to protect me from Check Mate. I also think close to the end while my King went in front of Pawns he could check mate me if he only planned it better. However once I moved pawn from C2 to C4 and hide king behind it I avoided danger. Then my King went brave in front toward his King with philosophy "with shield or on it" and Cchap fell in my trap and get what I call "tuturutu" (check mate)!

In case you want to analyze here is complete game: