In previous articles we discussed Ruy Lopez (or Spanih opening) open variant, now we'll look how closed variant looks like in mainline. First few moves are:

1 e4 e5, 2 Kf3 Kc6, 3 Bb5 a6, 3 Ba4 Nf6, 4 0-0

If black decide to remove white Pawn on e4 that is called "open variant" and we discussed that in previous article.

"Closed variant" is when black moves Bishop to e7

4 black Be7,

White must now seriously protect e4 Pawn because there is no possibility to pin Knight if it removes it now.That's why white will play

5. Re1 to protect e4 pawn.

Black should try to move away annoying white Bishop with

5 black b5,

White must retreat with Bishop to b3.

6 Bb3

From here Black can do either castle which is one variant or do

6 d6 to give opportunity for his Bishop to develop on dangerous g4 where it can pin white Knight. If Knight moves after black could remove white Queen.

White is answering with

7 c3 after which black can do castle 0-0 and white can move h pawn to make it impossible for black to put Bishop on g4.

8 h2-h3

Black has also possibility to develop his Bishop on b7.

Further plans for black:

First idea is Ka5 to attack Bishop after which Bishop will retreat Bc2.

Second idea is to retreat Knight to start position Kb8 and push c pawn to c5 after and move Knight to Kd7 after.

Third idea could be to move Rook to e8 and Bishop to f8, but in that case white could move his Knight to g5 and threaten to remove pawn on f7 with possible double attack and black would be forced to move back Rook to Rf8. White can then initiate exchange of Bishop and Knight for black Rook and Pawn.

Plans for white:

Main idea is moving d pawn to d4 and develop Knight Kd2 and then Kf1 and after either Kg3 either Ke3.

For those who like pictures more:

Ruy Lopez closed variant move 1
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 2
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 3
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 4
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 5
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 6
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 7
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 8
Ruy Lopez closed variant move 9

Thanks for reading.