Today I won player baghelsagar in rapid 10 minute Lichess game. Opponent had greater rating than me for more than 100 points, but was deconcentrated and had also clock problems near the end. He helped me to reach 1800 rating again.

Game started with Rui Lopez Columbus variation.

1 e4 e5

2 Nf3 Nc6

3 Bb5 a6

4 Ba4 Be7

5 O-O d6

6 d4 exd4

7 Nxd4 Bd7

8 Bxc6 bxc6

9 c3 Nf6

10 Bg5 h6

11 Bh4 O-O

12 Nd2 c5

13 N4f3 Re8

He attacked Knight with his Bishop, but refused to do exchange. Later he pushed d Pawn but I managed to defend myself. After exchange I ended up with doubled Pawns on c line, but with nice pair of Bishops. At this stage I was looking at e4 Pawn thinking how to remove it, but noticed that Knight might be in danger after. That is why I pulled Rook do e8. He could push e Pawn down, but he decided to move h Pawn instead. I also noticed his dark Bishop will be under fire after I remove his e4 Pawn with my Knight. He noticed that too and initiated Bishop exchange.

14 h3 Nxe4

15 Bxe7 Rxe7

16 Nxe4 Rxe4

17 Qc2 Re8

18 Rfe1 Qf6

19 Re2 Bxh3

Now I could remove his h Pawn with Bishop. He can't remove my Bishop because I will remove his Knight after. He decided to try to double Rooks, but I initiated Rook exchange. I don't like double Rocks on empty line that is to much power. I retreated with Bishop and he moved his Queen forward trying to gain Pawn. I decided to give him c Pawn because he is doubled and to try to get his a Pawn with Queen. I was also keen to protect rest of right flank Pawns with my Bishop and after he offered Queen exchange in attempt to hold a Pawn. He could try some attack with Knight and Queen. It would be quite dangerous for me. Fortunately he didn't.

20 Rae1 Rxe2

21 Qxe2 Bd7

22 Qe4 Re8

23 Qb7 Rxe1+

24 Nxe1 Bb5

25 Qxc7 Qe6

26 Nf3 Qxa2

27 Qxd6 c4

28 Qa3 Qxa3

29 bxa3 f6

30 Nd4 Kf7

31 f4 g5

32 f5 h5

33 Kf2 h4

I have extra Pawn and should try to win this game. For that I would need some King maneuver. I made few mistakes here, but at the end I got what I wanted and that was his c Pawn. I think I can prevent his Pawns from promoting, while he need to sacrifice his Knight for my c Pawn. He made one smart move which could make King - Queen double attack with Knight but that was to obvious and I didn't bite it. After that game was practically over, he run into clock problems, but was in losing position anyway. After I removed his f Pawn game was over. He didn't surrender but let clock fall to 0.

34 Kf3 Ke7

35 Ke4 Kd6

36 Kf3 Ke5

37 g4 Ba4

38 Kg2 Bd1

39 Kh3 Kf4

40 Ne6+ Ke4

41 Nc5+ Ke3

42 Nxa6 Kd3

43 Nc5+ Kxc3

44 Ne4+ Kb2

I think he could play smarter at this stage.Maybe if he tried to push a or f Pawn he could do something, but I think even than I would be faster in promoting and once Queen gets out it is big advantage.

45 Nxf6 c3

46 Nd5 c2

47 Nb4 Kxa3

48 Nxc2+ Bxc2

49 f6 Bb3

50 f7 Bxf7

That is how it looked at the end when his clock ran out of time. Bishop mastered Knight once more and I mastered rating of 1800 again.

You can watch entire game here.