Have you ever hear about term "water in the ears" ? When I heard it for first time from my father when I was very young when our waterpolo players were losing important game I asked him how can water come into ears when they have those waterpolo hats with big thickening on ears ? You didn't see good they have holes... he replied.

Much later i understood that we use this term when someone thinks he's to strong or clever and get conceited. It looks like this happen to my yesterday opponent at some point. He probably thought he already won the game and didn't think much and made one big mistake I was waiting for entire game. As you know when that happen Tawamba has no mercy... Let's see what happen to my over 1950 opponent!

Normal classic opening for me, while he put Knight on unusual position and I did my lucky moves to send his Bishop in corner.

Little exchange and his Rook went forward and my pawns become scattered. He has two Bishops I have two Knights, but secular power is stronger than church power. Holy Roman Emperor prove that to Pope during middle ages.

I don't see what kind of Gremlin I saw but I wanted to make Queen and Bishop on same diagonal to check mate him, but then notice his Rook in top right corner and find out it was all stupid. I knew his Queen will be in no time on line with my King that I will be forced to move King to protect pawn left which will open my pawn in front of Rook vulnerable with possible check mate soon after.

That's just what happen. When I saw his Knight it looked dangerous to me and I decided to eliminate it with my Bishop. Check with Queen was just a meter of time.

I didn't make good moves, check came and it looked like he'll get some nice material advantage here. It's over all I can try is to push alone pawn on the right.

He doubled Rooks preparing for final hit.I get nervous, when he think to make that big mistake I am waiting for entire game ? At this point he moved Pawn which covered his light Bishop diagonal and allow my pawn go forward and I moved it right away!

Did he notice what could happen and decide to put dark Bishop on line ? He put Bishop but on my surprise he wanted to eliminate my central Pawn with it! Oh you're welcome my man my Knight is useless anyway and I welcome this exchange happily!

I thought he'll retreat with Queen now to prevent my pawn from promotion, but he had other ideas.

Oh look what beast came out over there my man!

I accepted Rook Queen exchange because I know there will be nice check and Queen exchange following by rampage like when Tottenham go in counter attack...

Ouch man, that must hurt! Oh Bishop is falling too.

He is still dangerous because he has two pawns maybe he can do something.

I don't know why he didn't try to protect middle pawn. It would be temporary protection anyway. I removed middle pawn and he has been done.

One, two, three all Pawns are removed and he resigned.

You can watch entire game here. It's nice when you win better player, but it's more and more obvious I can win only when such player make some big mistake.