Tonight I played Linchess Rapid 10 minutes game against player kochergin72. He has lower rank than me, but I want to share this game here because I conducted unstoppable attack on his King. It was interesting because time was running out and when I check mated him I had bellow 30 seconds to think. I didn't play without mistake as always. There were some Pawn and later Rook give away due to midnight chess blindness, but end combination was really effective at least for amateur players.

1 e4 e5

2 Nf3 Nc6

3 Bc4 h6

4 c3 Nf6

5 d3 d6

6 Qb3 Qd7

Game started with one of open openings with some not so clever moves by me which made me quickly in danger of losing Pawn on f8 and got Checked with his light Bishop. To avoid that I was forced to move Queen on d7. This Queen blocking light Bishop position was not good for me. I knew I am in trouble. When he moved his Queen to a4 I got stupid idea to move up a Pawn to a6 and then to attack both pieces (Bishop and Queen) with b pawn by moving it to b5. What I didn't count is that if he remove that Pawn and I remove his Bishop my Rook will fall on a8.

7 Qa4 a6

8 Be3 b5

9 Bxb5 Bb7

I attacked

So Pawn giveaway by Tawamba started early in the game. At least I could develop my light Bishop to b7.

10 Bc4 Be7

11 d4 O-O

12 d5 Nb8

He retreated with his light Bishop to c4 and I did king's side Castle. However his d Pawn penetrated deep in my position and forced unpleasant Knight retreat to starting position on b8. This is something I am not proud of.

13 Qb3 c6

14 dxc6 Nxc6

15 Nbd2

I wanted to liberate that Knight and offer c Pawn exchange which he kindly accepted. My Knight was in the game again. Now I played it to a5 attacking his Queen and Bishop. He must move away Queen and I saw I can remove his light Bishop and once he removes my Knight I could conquer his central e4 Pawn. Now we are playing! I was "back in business".


16 Qc2 Nxc4

17 Nxc4 Bxe4

I like position of light Bishop. I moved Queen to f5 , he made Queen's side castle. He did not want to try Knight - Bishop exchange with possible removing of d6 Pawn. He attacked my Queen after which I moved to h7. I tried to protect d3 pawn for f8 Rook, but was forced to retreat with light Bishop. After his Knight attack I didn't watch situation carefully and attempted to defend it in stupid way with a8 Rook, which was wrong as he put his dark Bishop on a7!

18 Qd2 Qf5

19 O-O-O Rfd8

20 Nh4 Qh7

21 f3 Bb7

22 Na5

I could chose what to lose Bishop or to make bad for me Rook-Bishop exchange. I chose second option.


23 Ba7 Ba8

24 Bxb8 Rxb8

25 Nc4

Soon situation looked like this. I moved e Pawn and deliberately setup poisoned d4 Pawn trap for him in hope I could do something after like pinning his Knight on d3.


He took my gift and attacked my Rook trying to check mate me.

26 Nxd6 Rd8

27 Qe3 Bxd6

28 Qb6

What he didn't know is that he opened his King to deadly Bishop attack. Now I started to play in my opinion some very good chess. Bishop f4 Check!


After forced move of his King it was time to uncover tempo check by my Queen. I removed f3 Pawn and made another Check!

29 Kc2


30 Kb3

HIs King is going to unpleasant walk outside castle. At this point I could put Rook on b8 to attack his Queen and King, but if he check me after with his d1 Rook I could be in trouble and could only block Check with Knight. I didn't want to risk that and I checked him again this time with light Bishop.


31 Ka3 Rb8

32 Qc5 Be6

33 Nxf3 Qc2

34 Rb1 Ne4

He moved away King to a3. He attacked my Bishop I moved it to safety. He removed my annoying Pawn on f3 with his Knight, but I moved Queen to c2 threatening Check with possible Check Mate! He defended himself with Rook on b1.That was right time for Knight move. Knight e4 and attack on his Queen!

35 Qa7

He tried to move his Queen away to safety, but then he got another Check with dark Bishop. He could only block it with b Pawn. After that move my Knight came to c3 and now he was in deadly trap! He could only choose where he wanted Check Mate on a2 or at a4 ?


36 b4 Nxc3

37 Rb2 Qa4#

He tried to prevent Check Mate on a2, but he got it on a4.

Check mate with only 30 seconds left for thinking! Not bad final attack for one midnight game of chess!

If you want to see entire game you can do that on this link.