I play chess from time to time as amateur player on cool Android linchess.org app. I am by no means close to pro player just an amateur far far away from categories or titles. The sweeties victories for me are one where I win versus higher ranked players from that app. From time to time when I get more concentration I can win players up to 1950 in rating. Of course I can lose vs 1550 rating players too when chess blindness penetrate in my mind and I start to give pieces to opponent not seeing obvious things. :) My rating is somewhere around 1650 and 1751.Here is step by step game between me (black Tawamba) and opponent (KSteven, white with rating 1796). If you are high rated pro chess player please use pills before this game because you will be disturbed and very upset to see who in this world is playing chess... Yes I know I made a lot of mistakes I know he could win if he made better moves at some points, but he didn't!

  1. e4,e5

    2. f4,Nc6

    3. Nf3,d6

    4. Bc4,Bg4

    5. O-O,Nd4

    6. c3,Nxf3+

    7. gxf3,Bh3

    8. d4,Nf6

    9. Rf2,Qd7

    10. Na3,c6

    11. Qe1,Qe7

    12. fxe5,dxe5

    13. Bg5,h6

    14. Bh4,g5

    15. Bg3,Nd7

    16. d5,Qc5

    17. b4,Qb6

    18. dxc6,bxc6

    19. Kh1,Bd6

    20. Rd2,Bc7

    21. Rad1,O-O-O

    22. Bf2,Qb7

    23. Bxf7,Rhf8

    24. Bh5,Nf6

    25. Rxd8+,Rxd8

    26. Rxd8+,Kxd8

    27. Qd1+,Kc8

    28. Bg6,Qa6

    29. Qc1,Qe2

    30. Qe3, Qf1+

    31. Bg1,Qg2# 0-1

    Check mate buddy! Black queen came in visit to stalk your white king. :) Any comments on the game by better players are welcome.