Tawamba is playing chess today better than in previous days. He has 4 winnings in a row and last victim was player with nickname Modar. It was interesting game and I decided to share it with you. Obviously opponent made couple of big mistakes and Tawamba is well known for punishing them.

It was nice little opening after which Tawamba decided to engage this light Bishop.

He wanted to lure me into Knight Bishop exchange, but I didn't like that idea because that Knight should defend my castle. I calmly move Rook to protect my light Bishop and see what is he going to do.

Both of us put our Kings in safety of the castle, he retreated his light Bishop hoping I'll forget about it. It was right time for little Knight jump into center and engage his Knight who defend castle.

He became aggressive after that trying to put his Queen on line with my King with Bishop targeting Pawn, but I noticed that and moved King.


I decided to advance with my right pawns waiting to see his real plans.

Oh my man I know you want to put your Knight near mine, I read you like football player Romero is reading opponent play and moved light Bishop to eliminate that threat. That light Bishop is covered anyway and is not doing anything useful. I know he'll be in advantage because of two Bishops against mine Knight and Bishop but what must be done must be done!

After that exchange I decided to cover myself from his hidden dangerous light Bishop. I have central pawns I can attack his Queen.

Soon after my Knight was in center of board attacking his dark Bishop. Notice how my Knight and dark Bishop are targeting pawn between his Rook and Queen and his non protected pawn on the left, but no I won't remove it just yet. First I want to strengthen my central pawn.

After couple of moves my Queen jumped and removed his pawn and suddenly I target his pawn with 3 pieces. What was his answer on that ? I thought he'll move pawn in front of King and attack Queen, but no his answer was moving of other Rook. He probably thought about sacrificing it for Knight and then check me by moving his pawn which was on Queen's diagonal. Wrong my man! How about one little check with my dark Bishop ? Ouch you can't escape you must remove it with Rook, but ouch there is another one with Queen protected with Knight! Thanks for Rooks my man!

Oh it goes with new check and now with new Bishop will fall! That is raid on enemy castle my friends! :) He surrendered at this point.

Yes I know it was a set of happy circumstances like always, but it's well known that Tawamba can hardly win unless other player make some bad moves and make himself trouble...

You can watch this amateur game here if you like. Enough of chess for today, I want to go to sleep without single lost. I am climbing with rating again. I like that!